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                               A Small Publishing Company,

                                      With Really Big Ideas . . .


All of the webpages, email addresses, and telephone numbers are the same

- the only change is in the mailing address.

Hey! How about a 10 percent off all books sale? Check the details in your order while shopping! Use the discount code - 10%OFF! - and that will knock 10 percent off your order!!

Our latest book pushed out in this spring is Jaime Gonzalez' book, My Life in Black and White. It is an incredible collection of heartfelt poetry, collected from a lifetime of living half a century.

One of our other latest offerings include William Hallstead's page-turner action story about chasing a nuclear weapon through the desert. Check out his latest title, Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell.

Check out all the other titles, and read the first 30 pages or so by going to our Free Sample Chapters page.

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