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We have a new aviation title out! If you have not had the chance to review our latest, check out Trans World Airlines A Book of Memories . This is a great book of historical stories written by the pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, gate agents, ramp runners, and others who worked for or were dedicated in some way to this iconic airline.

Another recent release is PSST! Wanna Know a Secret? Getting Smarter, Making More Money, Things They Didn't Teach You in School. This is a book for high school students, college students, and any other young person who is looking for a way to better themselves and work on ideas for making more money in order to provide a better living for themselves and their future families. It is even beneficial for some of the older among us.

We also added another suspenseful title to our line up with S.R.Maxeiner’s The Transplant Web. Dramatic, authentic, a love story set in the fast-moving pioneer days of human organ transplants.

Two titles come from Howard Giordano. His first, Tracking Terror, was followed by the fast-paced The Second Target. Both are fascinated reads reflecting Giordano’s knowledge of his home state, New York.

The Sunday Ladle is a story and cookbook combined. Olga Weiss Hipschman wrote about the love story of her parents as they fled Hungary as rumors of war stretched across the land. They sailed for Havana, Cuba, where the family lived before finding themselves in New Jersey. Along the way, they opened and ran restaurants, collecting new recipes and adding them to those they brought from their native Hungary.

Another new release from BluewaterPress! Cass D. Howell’s Forty Years and Forty Fathoms is a story about a guy and a girl in Hawaii who come to meet as flight instructor and student pilot. However, the girl’s dad is holding a secret that once he is elected the first Japanese American governor of the island state, can no longer be kept. A fast-moving twisting, turning story that takes readers back to Japan before the war, into World War II, and to the more recent conflict America was engaged in during Viet Nam.

We have added a few more books this past season. If you are an aviator, check out From Cubs to Jet, Essays of a Life in the Air, by Joe Clark. Karl Boyd has just published his Christmas poem, Ralph, the Tallest Elf.

If you have had the chance to watch the Garage Sale Mystery series on Hallmark Television, you probably realize the main character, Jennifer Shannon, is the creation of Virginia-based author, Suzi Weinert. If you enjoyed the television shows in the series, you are sure to enjoy both of her novels, Garage Sale Stalker and Garage Sale Diamonds.

Also, for the aviators and hunters out there, T.H. Bear’s Murder in Madison County is a read you cannot put down until it is finished. Wall Roberts is a simple man who finds his best friend murdered – with himself charged in the murder. Along the way, he falls in love with a very tall redhead who has a generous heart and enough money to take care of the needs of many, especially Wall.

For another adventure, check out William Hallstead’s River of Madness, and his latest, Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell. The first is an adventure along the Amazon’s Trombetas River and the latter features a secret team chasing down a stolen nuclear weapon that finds its way to Mexico with major metropolitan areas in the US in the crosshairs.

Great reading for all year round.

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