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Last year after watching the movie, Julie & Julia, Joe decided he had sat on his backside long enough and it was time to get down to serious writing on his own blog.  The result?  He enhanced his writing skills, developed friends all over the world, found relatives in Europe, and found rewards beyond description.

The blog is about his passions; flying, writing, publishing, and life in general.  If you have not had a chance to check it out, stop by

 News Books!
As we move into the summer, we want to make certain you are aware of latest two new titles.  Harrison Jones has created a fast reading novel about flying—covering aviation from small training airplanes to large international airliners.  This is a book about drug running, flight instructing, law enforcement, and the airline industry.  Jones did a great job of telling a great story about the aviation industry.  Be sure to read it; we know you will thoroughly enjoy the read.

Coming out soon will be 65 and Going, a very interesting novel about life in one’s later years.  Ed Jackel, the author of Lucky Infantryman, captured the flavor of life in the South as well as in the northeast.  Be on the lookout for Ed’s new title soon.

The BIG SUMMER SALE is here!
Hey! The summer reading season is here! We have some good books, which should “trip your trigger.”
Norman German’s Switch-Pitchers is a great summer read. If you are a baseball fan, you like reading in the summer, you like to catch a game or two, and you like great writing, German’s Switch-Pitchers is right up your alley.
Denise Tucker’s book, Keeping House, is the start of a new mystery series involving the first woman president in the White House.
Papa’s Problem is another intriguing mystery set in the historical environment of Key West just before World War II. It involves, of course, Papa Hemingway. The police accuse the famed writer of a murder and Patrick Kendrick’s newly created character, Emmet MacWain, a retired Scotland Yard inspector, becomes Hemingway’s new best friend. Kendrick won Bronze in the 2008 Florida Book Awards with this intriguing story.
Bert Falardeau wrote Shipmates Four at the young age of 84. The navy veteran of World War II captured the history of the war in the Pacific in his epic novel. This is one of those books which reads as a great story while at the same time, gives a great lesson in history regarding naval operations in that theater.