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Our Company

BluewaterPress LLC is a small publishing company dedicated to the idea of providing interesting, informative, and motivational reading for our clients.  Books available from BluewaterPress LLC will include exciting non-fiction, inspirational self-help, educational manuals, novels, and more.  Additionally, BluewaterPress LLC will provide an array of copywriting services to firms and businesses in need of fresh, on-demand copy, as well as photographic services.     

One of the primary objectives of our company is to help others along the way in this thing called life.  We hope to do this is by providing publications and other media designed to help people figure out what is going on in their lives and how to improve themselves.  We will process a variety of texts, fun reading, music, calendars, and a variety of “how to” manuals.  We desire not to limit BluewaterPress LLC to only a few fields.  From this website, readers will find publications on everything from cooking to flying to inspirational living to travel to spiritual development.  The list is truly unlimited.

BluewaterPress LLC does not charge for publishing projects.  After careful consideration, we will select projects based on our belief they will do well in the market.  If an author has written a solid book and it keeps us awake at night turning pages, it is a pretty sure bet it will do well on the market.

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