To order artwork from our website, please print this form and fill in the following information. We gladly accept check, money order, or the credit card of your choice. Then, to ensure accuracy of your order, please print the photograph you desire on the back of this form. Please mail the completed form to:


BluewaterPress, LLC

52 Tuscan Way Ste 202-309

St Augustine FL 32092


(Please print)

Name __________________________________________________

Address 1 ______________________________________________

Address 2 ______________________________________________

City/St/Zip ______________________________________________

County of residence (Florida only) ____________________________

Please circle desired framing: 3/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch, none

Size: ___________________________ Number of copies: ____________

Price (x number of copies)                            $___________._____          

Sales tax (FL residents only, 6 % please)      $___________._____

Shipping:                                                      $ _________18.00___

Total                                                            $___________._____

Check number: ______________

Credit card - please circle one - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express

Number: ______________________________ Expires:______________


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