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Our Newsletter

Sometimes, we would like get information out to those who visit our website. If we post the information on the site, some will get it, some might not. A few visit often, some visit on occasion. By signing up for our newsletter at, you will get the latest word quickly. You will also find some entertainment.

One of the things we would like to do is help writers along the way to publication. People can make money as writers, photographers, and artists - there are many ways to achieve these goals.  All one reader might need is an idea or two to turn their thoughts or other ideas into action.  We feel it is vital to "get the word out," especially if the word is important.

Or funny. Especially if it is really funny. Sometimes a “doozy” of a funny email will come smashing into our brains from somewhere out in cyberspace that needs, no, that begs…, Wait, that’s not right either… Sometimes we get a funny email absolutely screaming to pass it along.

Our newsletter will also allow us a means to announce when a new book is about to become available; we can also use it to send out samples of new ideas.

On occasion, a reader or two might want others to take advantage of a great opportunity in their local area. By dropping us a line, we can pass the information along in less than a heartbeat! (You have to love electrons!)

Anyway, if you would like to sign up, please send us an email to and we will make sure you are on the list!