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General Submission Guidelines

Our preference in evaluating project ideas and manipulating manuscripts is by way of electronic submission in Microsoft Word format. In submitting manuscripts, sample chapters, or the entire manuscript, you may email it to as a Word attachment to a cover letter submitted by e-mail.

Some writers may prefer to send a hard copy submission. We no longer accept paper submissions. We live in the 21st Century and while working with paper may be preferred by some writers, the actual submission should be electronic. As noted above, Microsoft Word is our preferred word processing software. Please do not submit PDF files. If you are working with WordPerfect or some other system, please save your work as an rtf file which can be read by our computers.

When constructing your manuscript, please use the standard Microsoft Word margins and a ½ inch first line indent. Please do not try to make your manuscript “look like a book” by adding page numbers or anything else within the text. Simply start writing, use carriage returns for new paragraphs, and write to the end.

This is important: your submission must be nearly flawless. If you send a package with misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, or with poor manuscript mechanics, there is a high probability we will not be choose your project for publication. You must understand that business is like electricity; the process will take the path of least resistance. In other words, working with a well written manuscript in electronic format is far easier than trying to process a manuscript filled with mistakes or saved on hard copy on paper.

For more information and hints, please read the other articles on the previous page, Suggestions and Other Information about the Writing Life. More information concerning book submissions may be found on our Book Submission Guidelines page.