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Marketing Philosophy

We do not place in “brick and mortar” bookstores.  Bookstores will not stock or promote books from unknown or new authors.  In all likelihood, the prime shelf space will go to authors who are already well known and have a track record of sales in the tens of thousands.  What this means is that bookstores tend to place new authors and their books on shelving space up above head-level or below knee-level.  Books from new authors typically do not sell well in a bookstore because of placement.

Which brings us to the next problem:  Placing in bookstores typically requires a 55 to 75 percent discount on prices.  What this means is that on a book that sells for $15, the publisher will be paid $3.75 worse case to $6.75 best case scenario. Essentially, this is greater than the profit margin for most projects.  But wait! It gets worse!

Bookstores require the unsold books returned to the publisher for credit.  Typical bookstore contracts also mandate the publisher pay for shipping – both ways.  Combining the 55 to 75 percent discount, shipping fees, and returned merchandise which many times are damaged and unable to be sold in other markets, you now have an equation for bankruptcy.  This is why many publishers go out of business.

What we do is use print-on-demand technology coupled with Internet sales to get the biggest bang for the buck.  We sell our books over the Internet through our web site and Amazon.Com, which is actually the largest bookstore on the market.  By using POD, we avoid large costly print runs, high storage fees, and associated insurance costs.  This allows us to provide a higher than normal royalty schedule for our writers.  In other words, we try to put a good portion of the money where it belongs – back in the hands of authors.

If you are interested in selling through us and on Amazon, please submit your idea. If you want to get your book out to the public and you are interested in doing promotional leg work along with us, send us your query.

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