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These two great books, normally priced at $57.90 for both - $49.95 bundled together! Wings Over America The Fact Filled Guide to the Major and Regio
Price: $49.95


These two great books, normally priced at $57.90 for both - $49.95 bundled together!

Wings Over America

The Fact Filled Guide to the Major and Regional Airlines of the USA

Wings Over America: The Fact-Filled Guide to The Major and Regional Airlines of the U.S.A. is a historical, factual, and illustrated overview of the airlines that serve our nation. There are a total of 59 airlines and brand names, all of which has to be approved by the airlines themselves in advance in order to use their logos and most up-to-date information and statistical data. This book is primarily targeted towards airline enthusiasts, filling a void since the last time a book of this kind had been published nearly two decades ago. The author’s passion for aviation and the airline industry has truly been captured in this one-of-a-kind publication. The first official book signing will be held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington in October, 2009. This book features several airline companies that have never been featured before in a publication of this type. The author has high hopes that not only this book will serve its purpose, but sell many copies to people of interest and airline related environments across the country. He has done a great deal of advertising for the publication, and many have already taken interest as far as placing orders in advance. Wings Over America is a true symbol of the most powerful dynamic industry in today’s world of air transportation, and hopes to keep America forever flying.

Pan American World Airways — Images of a Great Airline

By James Patrick Baldwin

“…a carefully constructed timeline of Pan Am’s incredible record of firsts and aviation achievements… chock full of rare and nostalgic collector’s memorabilia… a veritable time capsule into which any reader may be gently transported...back to a time when fl ying was gracious, glamorous and eagerly anticipated by passengers and crew alike!”

- Susanne (Strickland) Malm, Flight Attendant, JFK, 1968-1978

“With Pan American World Airways — Images of a Great Airline, author Jamie Baldwin has given us a treasure trove of Pan Am lore. Here is something for everyone — a concise history of the pioneering airline, a rich potpourri of Pan Am memorabilia, and, best of all, a nostalgic journey back to an age when the mighty Pan American ruled the skies.”

- Robert Gandt, Pan Am pilot 1965-1991, author
Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am and China Clipper


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