Will Power

Follow Billy Power as he goes from one adventure to the next.
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Perched precariously on the eight-foot high wooden window jamb, Billy Power reached awkwardly through the partially opened transom, searching blindly in the darkened room for a handhold. Finding one, he slowly pulled himself through the narrow gap. Several times he grit his teeth; the sharp edges scraped unmercifully against his exposed back. ‘

How do I get myself into these situations?’ he wondered as a feeling of doom swept through him like a cold arctic wind. He was too far in to back out now.

Hanging only by his fingertips, he let go of his hold and dropped, landing safely. His heart began racing wildly as he moved forward, unable to see clearly in the dimness. An odd movement caught his eye. ‘Did something move?’ he wondered, freezing mid-step, straining to see, but unable to make out anything in this nightmare. Beads of perspiration bulleted their way down his youthful forehead as shadowed images crept into focus.

Billy continued slowly into the unknown, questioning if he had seen a movement in the void.

A dark shape lay motionless on the bed.

Suddenly … bang, bang, bang!

The thunderous explosion of a fist pounded repeatedly on the wooden door.

Bang, bang, bang!

Then silence.


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