Trans World Airlines A Book of Memories

Trans World Airlines – A Book of Memories is a history of TWA. These are the eye-witness experiences of employees – pilots, flight attendants, ground workers and others.
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Trans World Airlines – A Book of Memories is a history of TWA offered in a different and most unique format: through the eye-witness experiences of its employees –  pilots, flight attendants, ground workers and other staff -  and its friends, who participated in its long and fabled history. TWA was a pioneer and an important domestic and international airline that played a major role in the development of commercial aviation.

In this book we meet the founders of the airline and some of the early pilots, flight attendants and mechanics that set the standard for its future operations. We also get an inside glimpse of the legendary and colorful Howard Hughes, who shaped the airline and championed the thoroughbred of the skies, the Lockheed Constellation, and learn about Carl Icahn, and his controversial leadership during the most challenging years of the airline’s life.

Jon Proctor has contributed several stories, including a description of TWA’s famous Royal Ambassador Service and the Grand Canyon crash.  Jon has also contributed many of the beautiful pictures of TWA aircraft that grace the pages of this book from a collection covering decades. 

Another TWA veteran, George Hamlin, who started his career with the company, contributed many images and stories about the iconic Flight Center at New York International Airport. He recalls working behind the ticket counter and traveling around the world with TWA.

Other stories detail many of the VIPs who traveled on TWA, including White House press charters for Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Reagan, Hollywood celebrities, and legendary figures such as Bing Crosby and David Letterman. Also featured are stories about TWA's role in providing assistance to foreign flagged airlines including Ethiopian Airlines and Saudia.

Personal recollections include TWA staff that played parts in important history-making events involving the airline, including President Nixon’s charter to China, U.S. Airline Deregulation, hijackings, Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the acquisition of Ozark Air Lines, the loss of Flight 800 and the sale of TWA’s valuable London Heathrow routes to American Airlines.

These are stories from the heart, many from those who dedicated entire professional careers to the airline and who were part and parcel of the incredible achievements that made TWA the carrier it was. The tributes and memories here will be cherished by anyone who worked for the company as well as the many passengers who flew its routes and, of course, airline aficionados.


Jon Proctor is a seasoned airline industry veteran and served in a variety of positions with Trans World Airlines over a 27-year span. His father was a pioneering airmail and airline pilot for American Airlines and his brother flew for TWA. Jon has written two books and co-authored a third. His numerous magazine articles on commercial aviation have appeared worldwide over the years. The former senior editor of Airways Magazine and editor-in-chief of Airliners Magazine, his original airline images appear throughout this book. Jon resides in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Jeff Kriendler has spent most of his 50-year professional life in and around the aviation industry, holding many posts at Pan American World Airways during a 24-year career which included 10 years as the airline's Vice President - Corporate Communications prior to its cessation of services. A native New Yorker, Jeff now resides in Miami Beach where he is contributing editor for Airways magazine. This TWA anthology is his third such airline-employee book, following similar projects with Pan Am and Eastern Air Lines.  


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