The Tube

America becomes fed up with trucking accidents on the nation's highways and demand an alternative.
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At one time, motorists regarded long haul tractor-trailer drivers as Knights of the Road. Now those same roads have become killing fields. Those same "Knights of the Road" drive too long without rest and pop pills to stay awake. Time is money to them and they are pushing the envelope to extend their driving time without rest. Eighty percent of the fatal accidents of the open highway now involve the big rigs. The driving public demanded a resolution to the carnage. The University of Texas developed a giant underground pneumatic tube network to haul goods long distances throughout the nation. The public no longer allowed tractor-trailers on the open highways except for outsized loads, flammables and explosives. The nation adopts the UT system and construction of The Tube begins. Truckers see their livelihood and their 'cowboy' lifestyle coming to an end. They join with state militias to fight this threat. The militias have never liked or agreed with the federal government anyway. Tube police gear up to defend against this threat. The police soon find themselves fighting battles at ten Tube (Shunt) stations. How will it end? This exciting book brings it all to you and introduces you to some new American heroes. Visit Jeff's website at


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