The Transplant Web By S. R. Maxeiner, Jr.

A novel telling the story of the beginning of transplant surgery.
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…“Intense” . . .

… “Accurately captured” . . .

… “Deeply emotional”

Dr. Rosemary Kelly, Professor of Surgery

Transplant Surgeon, University of Minnesota


1985. A struggling heart is failing; the end is near. Can a healthy heart be salvaged from a dead body?

1985. The beating heart taken from one newly dead restores the life of one whose heart is failing. What are the rules?

1985. Some day organ transplants will be standard procedure — So let us begin.

2016. Time and routine blunt none of the grief and hope and challenge of the transplant web for every organ recipient, for each donor family and for all the cool professionals who serve it.


After medical school at the University of Minnesota and surgical training at the Mayo Clinic, S.R.Maxeiner, Jr. completed his years in the US Navy with the US Marines in Korea.

He founded Surgical Consultants, a surgical practice in Minneapolis, which still serves today.

On retirement, Bob and Tricia moved to Sanibel, FL, where he continues to write fiction and drama.


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