The Long Trail, Book 3 of The Owl Hoot Trail

The Final Book in the Saga of T.H. Bear’s Trilogy, The Owl Hoot Trail. Book 3 of The Owl Hoot Trail is now available. The last accounts of Reb's pursuit of justice.
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The reader found in Book One of The Owl Hoot Trail: Gold in the Red Desert, Clifford “Reb” Brown had fled his home state of Georgia ahead of a murder warrant for a man who had actually been killed by a corrupt appointed official.
Book Two, The Withlacoochee Renegades, is the story of his return to Georgia with his new bride during times many considered more horrible than the war itself, “The Unholy Reconstruction Period,” where Corruption outnumbered Christianity in the Occupational Government.
In Book Three, we follow Cliff as he pursues his arch enemy, John M. Tidwell, the man who killed Nadine and countless others who were Reb’s friends.
In dogged pursuit, Reb will not falter until he has reached his goal to go face to face with John Tidwell and to do justice for those he loved, those he fought with, and mostly for Nadine.


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