Sunday Morning Prayers for Monday Morning People Herbert Meza

This is a wonderful selection of more prayers by Dr. Herbert Meza.
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Sunday Morning Prayers for Monday Morning People, 2nd Edition is a collection of prayers for seeking people who don’t have all the answers. These selected prayers reflect the liturgical seasons of the church as well as the emotional seasons of the heart and soul. These prayers for Monday morning people convey a full range of human emotions as they poetically express joy, despair, hope, doubt, love, anger, and faith. Some prayers are “traditional” while others are “edgy.” Dr Meza says, “In this book of prayers, you will find a language that is not often used with God. But these prayers reflect an intimacy with God born out of many Sunday struggles in the pulpit to make sense to God. You’ll find prayers that call for justice by lifting the needs of the poor and the weak; prayers of confession for personal and corporate sin. There are prayers asking that we be just in the exercise of power, generous in the exercise of nationalism, and loving in the exercise of faith.” Over the years, Dr. Meza has had many requests for copies of his prayers which uniquely explore the range of our relationship with the Creator. This second edition includes a few more prayers by Dr. Meza and is also available through


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