Sunday Morning Prayers for Monday Morning People Herbert Meza

This is a wonderful selection of 50 prayers by Dr. Herbert Meza.
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This is a limited collection of selected prayers addressing the liturgical seasons of the church; Lent and Easter, Advent and Christmas, as well as the seasons and months of the calendar; especially spring and fall, plus the secular holidays, like Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Halloween. For all our observances, there is a prayer. Also included at the end of the collection are seven prayers that were used on special occasions, such as a prayer for teachers, a funeral prayer, the dedication of the John F. Kennedy Library and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. These prayers run the gamut of human emotions and feelings; there is gratitude, questioning, doubt, hopefulness, despair, anger, repentance, love, and faith; they are an open dialogue with God. As mentioned in the Forward of this collection, these are prayers for seeking people who don't have all the answers.


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