Six Winter Days

A story of two brothers facing their trials in the Second Battle of Trenton during the American Revolutionary War.
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In the last days of 1776, two teenage brothers walk westward from Princeton, NJ. They’re trying to get to Allentown because their mother wants them to get away from the war. On the journey, they’re attacked by farmers, rebels, a murderous British soldier, and an angry winter goose. Even a pretty girl takes a shot.

They can’t take the main road to Trenton because it’s clogged with rebels, so they take the back road, which leads them straight into the brutal battle of Trenton-Two.

So little is known about the Second Battle of Trenton that most historians give it only a sentence or two if it’s mentioned at all. 

This story recreates that battle in detail, and also sows what happened at the nearly disastrous, but ultimately decisive, Battle of Princeton.


Kevin Montgomery has student American wars for over thirty years. He lives with his wife and daughter in Chicago, IL.


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