Shipmates Four

This is the story of four men, sailors who met in boot camp, and stayed together throughout the war.
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Shipmates Four is the rarest of books, a self-styled novel but with gripping color, anecdotes and descriptions that could only have come from someone actually present when history was made. Bert Falardeau, 84 years young, has captured an era in time that comes alive in his telling of four young sailors and their first taste of sea duty during the years of World War II. The perspective here is global in nature and the events closely track the march of the war steadily across the Pacific. There is much here to absorb: a sense of the movement of ships to far­flung ports of call, descriptions of exotic lands much different from today, and the reality that decisions made in Washington are often executed by common sailors on the mid-watch 10,000 miles away. Anyone who has been in the navy will resonate with the tales and adventures of these shipmates of U. S. S. Venus. It is somehow comforting to realize that sailors today and sailors of sixty years ago aboard the good ship Venus share many of the same day-to-day shipboard observations, camaraderie and "deckplate" philosophy. Mr. Falardeau brings this link between generations to life in an attractive format that will resonate with a broad spectrum of readers. Captain Bruce Linder, USN (retired) -author of San Diego's Navy and Tidewater's Navy


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