Keeping House

After the president dies in office, the first female vice president assumes the duties of the office.
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After surviving a stinging divorce, Gary Craig moves to Washington to work for the newly elected president Stan Taylor. Soon after Gary’s arrival, Taylor dies and vice president Martha Johnson assumes office as America’s first female president. In a surprise move, President Johnson appoints Gary as her social secretary, and Gary becomes responsible for running the East Wing and the day-to-day operations of the White House. In his new position, Gary draws close to Madame President and her three children, which fills the aching void in his heart for love and a family of his own. Gary and Madame President then discover that President Taylor was actually poisoned by a secret international terrorist group wanting control of the White House. Gary also learns that President Taylor’s murderer is a mole working inside the Oval Office. Now Gary, with the aid of a few loyalists, races against the clock to protect the woman he loves and to capture the West Wing murderer before he can strike again.


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