Honeymoon Vengeance

The tale of Scott McKendree and how he helps a young newlywed settle into life in the west.
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Scott Mckendree is all cowboy. The real thing. Nothing about the man is false or fake; he is strong, he is a survivor, and he lives by doing the right thing. He does not like it when people take advantage of the weak and his gentle manner always compels him to help those in need when he crosses their path. One spring day, his path crosses with those of Larin and Lynn Willbright, a young couple from back east, newly married and trying to make their way in the new frontier. Unfortunately, their life together is cut short by men with no conscience and it is up to McKendree to help the young bride. This is a tale of survival in the wilderness and beyond. From one page to the next, McKendree and Lynn fight to make it through the forlorn wilderness to civilization and to the ranch she was going to share with her new husband. Through twists and turns, the two overcome obstacles and quite by chance, come upon the men who killed Larin. Come with masterful storyteller Roger Scott as he tells of how Scott McKendree and Lynn Willbright overcome one obstacle after then next.


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