Ghosts of Sackett Lake

What would you do if you were suddenly confronted with ghostly thoughts and fading memories from your past?
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Closing up his mother’s home after her death, Max Rosen finds some old pictures of himself at The Laurels of Sackett Lake in the Catskills along with an old journal with its pages stuck together. This memorabilia harked from a summer back in the ‘60’s; apparently he had worked at The Laurels as a youth.  He finds it troubling that he has no recollection of that time in his life or of working at the hotel at all; but pictures don’t lie. This stokes his curiosity and Max takes his 12-year-old twin sons on a road trip down memory lane ostensibly to show the boys the grand hotel in the Catskills.  He secretly hopes it will also restore his memory of that time in his life.
The trip was going as well as it could, considering Max was struggling to keep his lively 12 year old boys entertained. While exploring the sadly dilapidated hotel property, Max and his boys accidentally find a body in the trunk of an old car. The thought haunts Max that he may have been involved in a murder that summer long ago. If only he could remember! His frustration about his memory clouds his testimony to the police when he reports the body. This further complicates the situation by making him seem a bit suspicious to the police.
Bits and pieces of his past fall into place by Max’s detective work and through hypnosis.  While trying to avoid further contact with the law, Max is obsessed to find out what happened that summer so long ago.
Join Max as he attempts to solve the mystery of what really did happen that summer at Sackett Lake…


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