Get Slick by Tracy McDonald

This is a story of a girl who is faced with making decisions, and ultimately has to think about doing the right thing.
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Owen Slick has spent the last twenty years building an empire in Key West. From his boundless greed, his latest plan to pave paradise is coming closer and closer to reality. Dolphin Cove is a carefully-planned venture Owen Slick has backed with all his available assets. Unfortunately for Slick, the locals are tired of losing their quaint island home to condos and tourist traps. Caly Thornton has just arrived in the Keys and is delighted to land a good-paying job with a great-looking boss. Tracing threatening letters written to Owen Slick seems like a piece of cake until it becomes clear that she can’t rule out anyone. Worse, a nagging doubt she has from the beginning proves to be true when she realizes she is playing a part in the decimation of the fragile and unique Florida Keys. She must decide between what seems logical and what her heart desires most and she doesn’t have long to make her decision. She has just weeks to figure out who she really is and in her spare time find Owen Slick’s stalker. Wildlife conservationists, a band of homeless people, Cuban defectors, holdover hippies, and business rivals compete with average citizens to obliterate Owen Slick and his unsavory business practices. Will Caly find Owen’s stalker before it is too late? Will the Dolphin Cove project collapse? Will Owen’s corporation be ruined? Find yourself on island time in Get Slick.


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