From China With Love

If there were to be war started by China against the United States, how would they begin? Author Karl Boyd delivers a fast-paced narrative of such events.
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If China is to survive, it must have more land for its millions of citizens. The Chairman tasks his ministers to formulate a ten-year plan to conquer all of Mexico, the U. S. A., and Canada, thereby turning the territory into “New China” while avoiding a horrific third world war. Within twelve months, the strategy is finalized and the multi-pronged invasion of North America begins quietly. The devilishly clever operation is totally unobserved by the American public, their military and/or politicians, and their neighbors to the north and south. The diversified main characters are two new mothers from Los Angeles, and their babies attempting to reach safety inland; a college student from Utah whose family has been wiped out; a police Lieutenant from Sulfur Springs, Colorado, the only survivor on his shift and tasked with trying to save as many citizens as possible while awaiting the conquering forces; and a young FBI agent whose father was killed in the attack. As the few lucky ones struggle to survive and deal with the invaders, along the way there is mystery, suspense, danger and romance, together with a terrible realization that perhaps the United States is soon to be a thing of the past. As with all of Karl Boyd’s novels, the ending is unexpected and decidedly different. You’ll be tempted to turn to that last page, but please don’t until you get there naturally. Why spoil a wonderful novel?


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