Family Vacation Malfunction

Follow along as one family goes on vacation and meets one "malfunction" right after another.
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Jerry, a thirteen-year-old hockey player from Monroe, Michigan is fed up with stress-filled, uptight family vacations. He decides that the family road trip to visit his grandparents in Florida and two days in Disney theme parks will give him the opportunity to discover the family member responsible for their vacation malfunctions. Jerry’s quest to uncover the culprit opens several doors of dysfunction as he brings his readers along on spinning teacups, Buzz Light Year’s Space Station, and the drafty, ghost-filled chambers of the ultimate Haunted Mansion where he saves his brother from an evil fate. Will the culprit turn out to be his eight-year–old, “bookaholic” brother, his three-year-old princess sister, or his squabbling, overwhelmed parents? Perhaps, Professor Daniel in the bowling alley with the bumper pads? Or maybe, Princess Megan in Cinderella’s castle with the chicken nuggets? Or quite possibly, Mr. and Mrs. Clueless with their empty wallets in the Liberty Tree Tavern? Jerry’s detective skills become as sharp as new skates as he uncovers overwhelming evidence against each suspect as all participate in embarrassing shenanigans and shocking displays of dysfunction, not only in Walt Disney’s home, but more importantly, his sweet, mamaw and papaw’s Floridian residence!


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