From Cropduster to Airline Captain AND From Cubs to Jets

A combination sale spreading across much of aviation history. Secrets to cropdusting and flying in the airlines, and essays from Navy flying, flight instructing, and more.
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From Cropduster to Airline Captain, The Biography of Captain LeRoy H. Brown

By LeRoy H. Brown and Dr. Leo F. Murphy

In 1936 a wide-eyed boy by the name of LeRoy Brown clambered aboard a 1929 Waco 10 converted to crop dusting duty, sat down in the grimy hopper, and then launched into a clear-blue Florida sky on a wondrous flight that ignited a life-long passion with flying and airplanes.  More than 35,000 flight hours later, Captain LeRoy Brown stepped out of the cockpit of a Pan American World Airways DC-10 to end a commercial aviation career that spanned nearly five decades.  In between he filled dozens of logbooks, with exciting tales of flying biplane crop dusters, B-17 freight haulers, old airliners, surplus military trainers, state-of-the-art propeller and jet airliners, and more than 150 personally owned airplanes.

Packed with photographs and generous sidebars of supplemental information, From Crop Duster to Airline Captain chronicles the life and flying stories of Captain LeRoy Brown, 2009 inductee into the Florida Aviation Historical Association Hall of Fame and 2012 recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

Captain Brown truly has lived the "perfect aviation life." He started watching classic biplanes dust fields in southern Florida and worked his way into the good graces of many duster pilots along the way. In perfecting his friendship with many of the early agpilots, he soon found himself helping them take care of the airplanes, later riding along and operating the hopper, and finally, becoming a duster pilot himself.

From Cubs to Jets, Essays From a Life in the Air 

By Joe Clark

Do you like to fly? Are you into aviation? Might you want to teach as a flight instructor? How about reading articles about aviation? Have an interest in aviation history? If so, you may find this book interesting. It is, after all, about the art and joy of flying.

I started my blog in August 2010 after watching the movie Julie & Julia. The movie actually made me feel guilty for not having done what I was supposed to do a long time ago­—namely—write about airplanes, flying, teaching aviation techniques, and basically having fun in the sky. There is only one reason for this book. It is to allow those who prefer books to computers and Kindles an option for reading flying stories from the blog.

Many around the world responded very positively about the aviation writings of the blog. From one of the readers of the blog:

I enjoy reading your articles on the antique planes and general aviation. I own an Aeronca 7AC and enjoy writing about my travels and exploits. I post them on my website I’ve thought about writing a book regarding these travels and the 30 years of flying taildraggers, but I get lost in the ramifications of doing such. I appreciate your insight you share and enjoy the posts.

                        - Dale “Cap’n PineTree” Andersen


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