Coco Colored Boy

This is a coming of age story of one person's struggles with discrimation and racial prejudice.
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Ted Medina is not crazy! He is a normal 55 year old man. So, why did his doctor recommend he see a psychiatrist? There is nothing wrong with him except that he seems to be losing his friends, he’s bored at work and about to lose his job, he is not able to play with his grandchildren, and his wife and doctor believe he needs help. He talks to himself and is irritable, impatient, and impotent, but he is definitely not crazy. Reluctantly, he sees a psychiatrist who confirms Ted is suffering from depression and he is in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Dr. Hugenberg suggests they identify the root of Ted’s depression using an experimental form of hypnotherapy. Ted’s mind divides into two parts under hypnosis. A portion of Ted’s mind experiences significant moments in his past and relates everything that happens as he sees it then. The other portion of Ted’s mind watches the experience responding as an objective observer. These sessions are a window into Ted’s past; we meet Teddy as a young boy and teenager as the adult Theodore observes scenes from his youth and discovers the sources of his angst. As he observes Teddy’s experiences, Theodore sees a young boy struggling with the fact others viewed him as a minority. Observing his youth with an adult mind enables Ted to come to grips with prejudice as a victim as well as a perpetrator. As Ted identifies the problems which had been building for decades, he realizes he can now begin to cope with them. A compelling story of personal conflict and racial prejudice, Coco Colored Boy relates the story of that impact on a boy part Mexican growing up in Southern California in the 50’s and 60’s. T.J. Gouin writes this story with a voice sprinkled generously with humor transporting readers back in time to a nostalgically authentic description of life in mid-century California from a child’s point of view.


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