Chain Drive by Axel Jerry Clickson

The is a story of one young man's journey into adulthood - on the back of his beloved Harley, "El Bandido."
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Without any background knowledge of motorcycles, I found myself being informed by and interested in the plights of the protagonist, Rags, and his motorcycle, “El Bandido.” Using realistic and perceptive dialogue, the author has created memorable characters who all figure prominently in the life of Rags. Vivid descriptive passages using sensory details and meaningful metaphors help to describe the setting for the reader. The protagonist has many internal conflicts while searching for a direction in his life in which his motorcycle is his dominant purpose and love. Overall, a satisfying read. - Nona Gail Clark, Canada ------------- Axel Jerry Clickson got his first motorcycle, a 1937 Indian Scout with no front cylinder exhaust pipe and no second gear, at age 15 to ride around his grandfather's farm. Since then he had three 1947 Harley's, two 74's and one 61, and an English Matchless before enlisting in the Air Force in 1950 where he became a Control Tower Operator instructor at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi. Later he was transferred to Andrews AFB as a Ground Control Operator until discharged to enter Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. There he was married to Yvette Delfosse, a visiting French woman he'd met at an Andrews AFB dance. Graduating from Kenyon in 1958 cum laude as an English major, he was awarded two scholarships to Vanderbilt University where he earned a master's degree in teaching. In 1959 he was hired by the Phoenix Union School System to teach English for 19 years at Carl Hayden High School and Maryvale High School for another 13. During that time he was also teaching Freshman English and Greek Mythology at the Phoenix College Night School for 23 years. He is now retired, living in Sun Village, Surprise, Arizona with Yvette, his wife for the past 52 years.


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