Bad Times by Denny Williams

This is the funniest cowboy yarn ever written! Guarenteed to make you laugh out loud!
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This is one of the funniest cowboy yarns you will ever read. In the process of developing this book, the editors were laughing out loud so hard, it took extra time just to get the book to print... If it is time for you to do some light reading that will entertain you beyond description, you need to read Denny William's book, Bad Times. Williams' main character, Jack O’Mally is a decent kind of man. One who has lived his life with integrity, a man who always strived to do the right thing. In the twilight of his years, he finds himself going west to find a way to live out the rest of his life. He encounters, just as he did when he was a youngster, that life is hard and filled with bad times. This is not a somber story however. Jack laughs in the face of bad times. Denny Williams brings a richness and wonderful humor to the characters of his western novel, Bad Times. Not content to allow the bad times of his youth to follow him to the grave, Jack takes on the problems of his final years head-on – with an ingenuity that only old age, a quick mind, and sharp wit can deliver. As he tries to determine the best course of action for himself, he befriends young Katie Lankford, a runaway trying to make it all the way to California. He has to deal with hired gun Mel Johnson, he works for his nephew as a cook, and stands up for himself in all matters that are righteous. With each adventure, from one relative to another, from each friend or malcontent to the next, Jack continues doing the best he can on his way along the road that makes up his life. As always, the question is – how does Jack do it? This is a cowboy tale, a rich, funny, cowboy tale written in a fresh new style that will doubtless leave you laughing out loud for a while. Readers are sure to enjoy each twist and turn in the adventure that is Jack O’Mally’s life.


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