A Rose by a Different Name

Lindsey, a young widow, meets up with an old boy friend. Can they make it work?
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Lindsey is trying to recover from the sad accidental death of her young husband. She is sent to Tahoe for a business meeting and unexpectedly runs into Brian, the love of her life. Brian and Lindsey were college sweethearts but could never maintain their relationship for long. Brian always knew that Lindsey was “the one.” Regrettably, as much as they wanted each other, they knew their values were too different to make it work. It was ironic that what they loved most about each other was the precisely the reason they could never be together. Brian happened to be in Tahoe for a business meeting of his own. It is Brian’s business that has always been the wedge between them. Perhaps this chance meeting after all these years will bring them together again at long last. Unfortunately, Lindsey’s long held fears about Brian’s business prove to be warranted as she stumbles into Brian’s dangerous life and discovers the mysterious and powerful Mr. Rose. Drea Jepsen’s A Rose by a Different Name will keep you turning pages in suspense with this dark, torturous tale of twists and turns. Will Lindsey and Brian escape to finally be together or will they encounter a darker fate?


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