A Portrait of Grandma's Dog by Janet Ward

Janet Ward
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War is a terrible thing, but sometimes miraculous stories spring forth from the tragedy. Such is the case of A Portrait of Grandma’s Dog. Although a work of fiction, Janet Ward based this warm novella on the actual story of her mother-in-law, Erna Ward. In her story, Ward captures and presents the emotions of a woman who transitions from childhood in the war torn Germany of World War II to a time of old age and grandchildren. There is the fear, the hatred, and the loss of hope that is a part of every story from the Second World War. There are also great stories of dreams that will not die new hopes born of those dreams. Then there is the almost unbelievable coincidence of an old neighbor coming across a pencil sketch of a German shepherd in a bar in Germany. Recognizing the art work and the signature at the bottom of the drawing, the old neighbor traces down the artist who was a friend so long ago. After a seemingly impossible and long search across the Atlantic Ocean and into America, the old friend and neighbor found the artist and reunited her with a drawing that she had finished more than 50 years previously. Janet Ward pays honor and tribute to the generation that came through the terrible ordeal of a world war. They were the people who made a new world out of the ashes of the old. Their stories are some of the very best we, the younger generations, can learn from.


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