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A Novel by Larry Carello

Navy helicopter pilot Bud Lammers strives to “right the ship” after a tragically botched mission in Vietnam tainted his career and sent his marriage down a rocky path. Now, nearly a decade after the war, he and his men are on the verge of wrapping up a successful peacetime mission – or so they think.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos have entrenched themselves as President and First Lady of the Philippines. The charismatic couple has vowed to bring peace and prosperity to a country that’s spent four hundred years under the thumb of colonial rule.


46 Driver

By Arnie Reiner

The kaleidoscopic tale of a Marine Corps CH-46 helicopter pilot and his comrades in Vietnam.

This memoir is a tour through Marine Corps Officer’s Candidate School, naval flight training and the quagmire of Vietnam.

Two great books for $29.95 and free shipping. If you have an interest in helicopters or the Vietnam war, these books are for you.


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