Battle of Britain: Cinebook Recounts
By B. Asso

At the beginning of World War II, the Third Reich sped into France and other areas of Europe taking the world by surprise.  The British expeditionary force is pushed to Dunkirk; for a few months, the fate of England and indeed, the world, rests squarely on the shoulders of a few courageous RAF pilots.



Naval Aviation Cadet Benson
By Joseph J Reis Jr

This novel is a rich and riveting tale of one young man’s journey from civilian life to earning the Navy’s coveted Wings of Gold.  Along the way, readers share in Cadet Lance Benson’s adventure’s and misadventures.  Written by a retired naval aviator, this book is rich with authenticity.



To Save a City: The Berlin Airlift, 1948-1949
Roger G. Miller

One of the most fascinating stories following the days of World War II was the siege of Berlin when the communists surrounded the city.  A handful of men from the United States, Great Britain, and France supplied West Berlin with nearly three million tons of staples and goods by aerial delivery.


When Dad's at Sea
By Mindy Pelton, Illustrated by Robert Gantt Steele

This is a story for children.  Emily, a young girl has to deal with long separations from her father when he goes to sea to serve his duty as a Navy pilot. 


RICHARD HILLARY: The Definitive Biography of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot and Author of The Last Enemy
By David Ross

Richard Hillary served with the 603rd squadron of the RAF at the start of World War II.  He became an ace during the Battle of Britain, but was shot down in September 1940.  He suffered severe burns to his face and hands and during his convalescence, wrote The Last Enemy.  He died in the war at the age of 23.


By Patrick Lennon

Tony Jannus became the first licensed airline pilot in the nation.  In the early days of aviation, Jannus accomplished a lot of “firsts.” He was the chief pilot for the first scheduled airline, he piloted the plane for the first parachute jump, and he was the first to take a president’s daughter for her first airplane ride.


The Professional Naval Officer: A Course to Steer
By James A. Winnefeld
This is an important publication every naval officer or future naval officer should have in his or her professional library.  Admiral Winnefeld supplies all the necessary information for anyone to create a successful career in naval service.



Touch the Sky: Aviation and Other Stories
By David Helms
This book is an anthology of aviation and others stories sent around traveling.  The book begins with a novella, “The Sky Queen,” the story of a transatlantic passage on a Douglas C-54 on which the cargo is Top Secret and vital to the Normandy invasion 1944.



Target Luftwaffe: The Tragedy and the Triumph of World War II Air Victory
By William A. Ong
This is an account of the United States progress in the air war over Europe against the Germans.  It chronicles much of what happened in World War II from the standpoint of aviation.  It takes the reader from the start of the war to its conclusion over Hiroshima.


Born to Fly: The Heroic Story of Downed U.S. Navy Pilot Lt. Shane Osborn
By Shane Osborn
Shane Osborn served as a Navy pilot flying the EP-3E Orion aircraft gathering intelligence off the coast of China.  One out in disputed airspace near Hainan Island, a Chinese interceptor aircraft collided with his aircraft.  This is his account of the collision and his incarceration along with his 23 person his crew.


Secret Squadrons of the Eighth
By Pat Carty
Psychological warfare got its start during World War II with the eighth Air Force.  Certain squadrons they used throughout small and secret airfields in England, flew leaflet-dropping missions over Europe well as electronic warfare countermeasures against the German radio and radar facilities.



Flight of the Old Dog
By Dale Brown
This novel is based in the days of the Reagan Administration and the end of the Cold War.  The Soviets, shortly after the Strategic Defense Initiative comes online, develop their own secret laser weapon.  Dale Brown, a former B-52 pilot, crafted this intriguing novel of suspense.



Learning to be an Alaskan Bush Pilot
By Gerald Potter
This is another must read for any young pilot who might be considering an aviation career flying the bush in Alaska.  Potter talks of both success and failure which will allow anyone to learn about flying in Alaska vicariously through his experiences.