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On The House - Denise Tucker

Lost in Heaven - Leo R. Murphy

A Tap-Tap at Sundown - William Hallstead

Don’t Admit You’re in Assisted Living (Series) - Dorothy Seymour Mills

Blackrock Island - By J. Lee Burke

The Secret of Keystone City - William Hallstead

Garage Sale Riddle - Suzi Weinert

The Transplant Web - S.R. Maxeiner, Jr.

The Second Target - Howard P Giordano

Forty Years and Forty Fathoms - Cass D. Howell

Tracking Terror - Howard P Giordano

Ralph, the Tallest Elf - Karl Boyd

Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell - William Hallstead

Murder in Madison County - T.H. Bear

Garage Sale Diamonds - Suzi Weinert

River of Madness - William Hallstead

Terroristic Signs - Karl Boyd

Tropical Lies - David Myles Robinson

Cuban Connection: Two Faces of Love - Lennie M. Martin

Six Winter Days - Kevin Montgomery

Garage Sale Stalker - Suzi Weinert

The Long Trail - T.H. Bear

65 and Going - Ed Jackel

A Flying Tigers Story - By Donald R. Wadley

A Portrait of Grandma's Dog - By Janet Ward

A Rose by a Different Name - Drea Jepsen

Bad Times - By Denny Williams

Chain Drive - Axel Jerry Clickson

Chasing Teddy Ballgame - Don Cooper

Coco Colored Boy - T.J. Gouin III

Cyclotron Factor - J W Kelley

Family Vacation Malfunction - Anita Passon

From China With Love - Karl Boyd

Get Slick - Tracy MacDonald

Ghosts of Sackett Lake - Phil Sills

Gold in the Red Desert - T.H. Bear

Gone to Meet the British - Gregory T. Edgar

Hard Days in Paradise - William Hallstead

Honeymoon Vengeance - Roger Scott

HooDoo Sea - Rolf Hitzer

Karma - By Robert Zitella

Keeping House - Denise Tucker

Killing Maria - By Hal Taxel

Morgan 41 - By M. Randolph Mason

On The House - Denise Tucker

Papa's Problem - Patrick Kendrick

Path of Our Destiny - Calvin Louis Fudge

Patriots - Gregory T. Edgar

Raging Skies- William Hallstead

Secrets of the Heart: a family saga - Lorraine Rocco

Shadow Flight - Harrison Jones

Shipmates Four - By Bert Falardeau

Switch-Pitchers- Norman German

The Last Sunrise - Shane Barker

The Eighth Day- Michael O'Neal

The Lost Priest - Karl Boyd

The Mother - Jeanne Kenny-Freeman

The Truth Lies in the Dark - Kristin Callender

The Long Trail - T.H. Bear

The Tube - By A. Jeff Tisdale

The Withlacoochee Renegades - T.H. Bear

Through Jenny's Eyes - Diane McCloskey

Tropical Lies - David Myles Robinson

Unplayable Lie - David Myles Robinson

Will Power - J W Kelley