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A Flying Tigers Story

by Donald R. Wadley

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ISBN 978-0-9727707-6-7

Softback, 196 pp

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A Flying Tigers Story

Before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, a small band of men came together to form China’s first Air Force and line of defense against the Japanese.  Led by Colonel Clair Chennault, this legendary group quickly filled with American volunteer airmen. 

Upon graduation from high school, two teen-age best friends are hired by Colonel Chennault to be part of the American Volunteer Group, later known as the Flying Tigers.  Both families hate the idea their sons will go to China to fly against the Japanese Air Force, the very best in the world flying one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world.

Can these boys survive such a tough taskmaster as Chennault?  He teaches that against the Japanese you either win or die.  How can a couple of average American kids help make the Japanese Air Force an endangered species?  War is life – moments of absolute terror, of boredom, compassion, love, homesickness, and heroism.  Will the boys possibly become men in less time than it takes to tell the story?

This is a wonderful novel by Donald R. Wadley set against the backdrop of World War II.  While written about war, it also explores the wonderful side of humanity.  This is a novel you are sure to enjoy.