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The Last Sunrise

by Shane Barker

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ISBN 978-1-60452-020-0

Softback, 216 pp

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The Last Sunrise

The Last Sunrise is the story of General George Custer's historic fight along the Little Bighorn River, as seen through the eyes of Marcus Reno, Black Elk, and some of the other officers and warriors who were there. It is not the simple rehearsal of a familiar story. With careful attention to historical fact and detail, the author puts the sights, the noise, and smell and terror of the battle to pages for the readers. Shane Barker wrote this historical novel to allow readers to experience the fight, to know what it was like to really be there. This story puts the readers right in the saddle alongside Mitch Boyer and Crazy Horse, bringing them face-to-face with Sitting Bull, Frederick Benteen, and George Armstrong Custer himself.

It differs from other books because it examines the Little Bighorn fight from the viewpoints of both troopers and Indians, and because it incorporates the most current, most up-to-date research and evidence. It includes newly discovered details that were unknown to Walter Camp or Stephen Ambrose or any of the classic Custer biographers, and it will appeal to fans of both western and historical novels, and to readers of war and military fiction.


Author’s Bio:

Shane R. Barker is the author of seven books including the novels Three Days in Carthage and Firecracker, and nonfiction titles such as Youth Leading Youth, Finding a Friend in the Mirror, and Be the Hero of Your Own Life Story. He has written sports and outdoor stories for the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, and he has published stories and articles in such periodicals as Exploring and Boy's Life.

A meticulous researcher, Barker's probe into the life of Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith uncovered facts that eluded both Mormon and mainstream historians for more than 150 years, identifying for the first time the name of Smith's defense attorney and the identity of an enigmatic militia captain who rescued Smith from an assassination attempt at Hamilton's Tavern. Barker also discovered the identity of the Jagdgeschwader pilot who accidentally shot and nearly killed Wodd War I flying ace Manfred von Richthofen-the Red Baron--during an attack against an English reconnaissance squadron, and with the aid of modern forensics brought to light facts about Richthofen's health that contributed to the Baron's death in 1918.

Barker complements his academic pursuits with a variety of outdoor interests. An avid skier and snowboarder, he is a trained EMT and a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol (Park City Mountain Resort, Park City, Utah). He has guided white-water trips through the Grand Canyon, backpacking trips through the mountains of New Mexico, and cross-country ski trips through the back country of southern Utah. Barker is a licensed pilot and enjoys coaching Little League baseball and football. He has served on the faculty of the National Camping School.