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The Secret Factor for Uncommon Sales Success

by Joe Arrigo

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ISBN 978-1-60452-042-2

Hardback, 160 pp

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The Secret Factor

for Uncommon Sales Success

In the twenty-first century of selling, salespeople need more than a litany of features and benefits along with a few closing techniques in attaining uncommon success.

Salespeople need fresh sophisticated skills because today’s buyers are sophisticated and shop in a ferociously competitive marketplace, a market where an avalanche of products and services continue to blitz buyers.

Along with this accelerated information stream, exacerbated by our modern fast-paced society, buyers gravitate toward simpler, time saving ways when making buying decisions. Salespeople can exploit this tendency… so when buyers do make decisions, they are biased in your favor. That is what this book is about.


For thirty years, Joe Arrigo has functioned successfully as salesman, sales manager, sales trainer, and has conducted sales seminars for companies seriously looking to enhance sales performance. His experience encompasses the temporary industrial staffi ng industry, direct mail packaging, closed circuit television systems, typography, and the executive search industries.

In his career he has acquired the business of literally hundreds of companies, such as J. Walter Thompson, Beltone, Procter & Gamble, Playboy, Firestone, Ogilvy & Mather, CBS, Centel, Peat Marwick Mitchell, Helene Curtis, Warner Cable and Harlequin Books. As a sales manager, he’s trained and coached many people to professional success and personal fulfillment.