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by Larry Carello

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ISBN 978-1-60452-078-1

Softback, 268 pp

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A Novel by Larry Carello

Navy helicopter pilot Bud Lammers strives to “right the ship” after a tragically botched mission in Vietnam tainted his career and sent his marriage down a rocky path. Now, nearly a decade after the war, he and his men are on the verge of wrapping up a successful peacetime mission – or so they think.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos have entrenched themselves as President and First Lady of the Philippines. The charismatic couple has vowed to bring peace and prosperity to a country that’s spent four hundred years under the thumb of colonial rule.

But there is growing unrest in the archipelago as survivors of the infamous Huk Rebellion regroup to challenge the Marcos regime. Additionally, Filipino Muslims begin to aggressively seek autonomy in the predominantly Christian country.

Lammers is caught in a deadly crossfire of events, the outcome of which, could threaten relations between America, the Philippines and other world powers. Bud is forced to confront the ghosts of his wartime past with his entire future at stake. Is he up to the challenge, or will his career once more go down in flames?

Larry Carello hails from the central New York town of Sylvan Beach. After graduation from the United States Naval Academy, he embarked on a four-decade career in aviation, and has flown a wide variety of military and commercial aircraft. He spent five years attached to a San Diego based H-46 helicopter squadron, during which time he made two shipboard deployments to the Western Pacific. His book, A Golden Weekend, received first runner-up honors from the Military Writers Society of America in the category of Best Literary Novel for 2012. Larry currently flies for a major U.S. airline. He lives with his wife in Michigan.