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Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell

by William Hallstead

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ISBN 978-1-60452-066-8

Softback, 214 pp

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Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell

By William Hallstead

It started after the First Gulf War. It was a simple heist that began in The Middle East, progressed through Chicago, then down to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ where the theft went down. From there into Mexico where the first murder happened.

Luckily, the Air Force discovered the theft quickly and now the colonels and generals began getting nervous. After all, it is not every day the USAF loses a relic nuclear weapon with multiple nuclear warheads. Now Brigadier General Oliver Madden has a real mess on his hands. It's a mess he passes on to Major Pete Pappas, the best and most capable officer the general can trust to find the antiquated cruise missile.

The questions are – who stole it? And why? Of course, Pappas needs help chasing down those responsible for stealing the remnants of Project Pluto. That help comes in the form of Captain Steve Gammon, temporarily promoted to lieutenant colonel, a reserve officer always willing to do whatever the country needs and for General Madden.

Gammon’s undercover assistant is Captain Laura Gorcy, a no-nonsense officer trained in the intelligence field, gorgeous, and feisty. Together, Gammon and Gorcy pose as a husband and wife on vacation in Mexico in Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell.