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The Mother

by Jeanne Kenny-Freeman

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ISBN 978-1-60452-023-1

Softback, 252 pp

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The Mother

The Refining Fires of Rachelin Colby

Josie Colby tells the story of her sister, Rachelin, who is a gifted musician and darling of the hometown folk who never doubt that she will soar to fame and fortune. The detours of Rachelin's life experience include the birth of an out of wedlock baby boy who struggles with Gigantism and Downs Syndrome.

Fearful that her son in his growing strength might unintentionally harm a neighboring child, Rachelin takes him to live with her in a mountain wilderness. There she endures hardships and loneliness but learns through spiritual awakening to make friends with the harsh seasons and the beasts that inhabit the area.

Her romance with a government forest manager, Greet Weatherhead, tests the boundaries of Rachelin's character. Greet is repulsed by Rachelin's Poor Boy and only through tragedy does he finally learn to accept him.


Author’s Bio:

The Mother is Jeanne Kenny-Freeman's second novel. She is a Montana native presently retired and living in Grants Pass, Oregon. She also writes poetry and short stories. Her inspiration for this novel was aroused by her focus on the links connecting every living specie and the ethos of such harmony that impels the human soul to respect all correlative life even when it requires the sacrifice of ego passion.