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Morgan 41


M. Randolph Mason

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ISBN 978-1-60452-001-9

Softback, 380 pp

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Morgan 41

a contemporary, romantic saga in a nautical setting

M. Henry Lee’s wife of 30 years is accidentally shot by a policeman in a botched bank robbery. He drags himself into the rent-a-captain trade to escape his despair. “Captain Mikey” is an empty vessel begging to be filled.

Lori is not normal. In an act of self-preservation, and fleeing from an attempted date-rape, this hyper-vigilant young woman takes refuge in the night on Tattoo, a Morgan 41 Out Island Sloop - a sailing yacht.

Captain Mikey arrives to take his hired captain position on Tattoo. Discovering the battered young woman, Captain Mikey assumes responsibility for her safety. Neither one has a plan for the rest of their life.

Morgan 41 gives an account of this unlikely couple’s voyage to Fort Lauderdale, commitment to one another, and Lori’s education behind the mast. During the event filled journey, Lori’s true self is exposed – who she is and who she wants to be.

This novel is also a descriptive account of an inland/costal passage from Knoxville, Tennessee to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.