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by Robert Zitella

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ISBN 978-160452-012-5

Softback, 184 pp

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A Novel by Robert Zitella

Karma is the ancient Eastern belief that your actions in previous lives shape your existence in this lifetime as well as lifetimes to come. Your good and bad deeds lead to happiness or suffering.

When you hear people talk about the possibility of past lives they want to be one of the multitude of famous and well loved figures of the past; Queens,  Kings, and historical heroes.

But what if instead you were the most evil person in history?
A person who caused massive amounts of pain, misery and death.
…..perhaps the leader of the Third Reich?
What would be your karmic debt, and how would you pay?

Brad Jenkins is a good man who lives in a picture perfect suburb with a great life. He is the newly elected mayor of a small town and has the support of friends and a loving and beautiful family.

That is until he starts getting glimpses of his past lives and deeds, accidentally unlocking their secrets. In a battle against time and his sanity, Brad races to find a way to remove his impending karmic doom, for himself and the people that love him. But can such evil be undone?

Can one man erase the evil deeds of a mass murderer? Can Brad save himself and his family from his…..