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Eagle Tales

by Joe Clark

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ISBN 978-0-9727707-5-0

Softback, 200 pp

$20.95 USD - of which a portion is contributed to the James E. Lewis Memorial Scholarship.

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Eagle Tales

This aviation anthology is a collection of flying stories written by the the faculty members of the Aeronautical Science Department of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach campus. The professors teaching tomorrow's military and airline pilots were not always teachers; they too, spent time in the cockpits of various aircraft around the world, afloat on the high seas, and at flight levels.

The Dean of the College of Aviation was serving as a first lieutenant in the Air Force when he found himself standing by to go to war against the Russians.  The time was October 1962 and the Russians wanted to erect nuclear missile launchers in Cuba, 90 miles south of Key West.  It was a grim occasion and Dr. Tim Brady’s account of the time the world almost came to an end is riveting.

For Professor Tim Plunkett, flying is much more than making a living, going from one place to the next, or hauling people or freight for money.  It is a spiritual endeavor involving far more than the mechanical pushing and pulling of flight controls to make an airplane do his bidding.  According to Plunkett, flying goes well beyond science, physics, and the mere act of flying.  Come fly with Tim on one glider flight spanning a lifetime as he explains what flying is all about.

In addition to these two wonderful stories, the reader is taken along on a flight lost over the Pacific, during a first solo, on a seaplane flight dodging boaters on landing in the islands, on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier during flight ops, and more.

If you are, were, want to be, or are planning to become a professional aviator, this is enjoyable book that will give you insight into the life of working aviators.  It’s also a very enjoyable read.