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Disability Compensation

the Veterans Guide Volume II

by Thomas van Hees

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ISBN 978-1-60452-070-5

Softback, 124 pp

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Disability Compensation the Veterans Guide Volume II

By Thomas van Hees

For the past five years, Thomas van Hees has been helping and assisting veterans across the nation in seeking compensation for their service-connected disabilities and injuries through his seminars and personal one-on-one counseling. Thomas’s knowledge of the Veterans Administration’s claim filing process and what veterans must do in filing claims for compensation is an asset to veterans everywhere. Thomas’s steadfast devotion and passion to help veterans is the main goal of what he does and he would have it no other way.

Many veterans need help and guidance navigating the myriad channels of government bureaucracy when trying to deal with the VA.  Many do not know where to begin.  In his books, Disability Compensation the Veterans Guide Volumes I and II, Thomas van Hees gives veterans from World War II to our latest conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan the guidance they need.  He does so with a selfless spirit and sincere heart.

The publisher, BluewaterPress LLC, will commit one-half of the profit for the sale of this title to the Wounded Warrior Project.

About Thomas van Hees

Thomas van Hees served with the 3rd Battalion 7th Marines during the Vietnam War as a M60 machine gunner and participated in multiple combat operations. Wounded twice, his injuries led him to seek disability compensation some forty years later. After a long four-year ordeal seeking compensation from the VA, he became a veteran’s advocate to help veterans so they would not have to experience the same setbacks that he experienced when seeking compensation.

Thomas is a life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans and the Military Writers Society of America.

In addition, Thomas has written Life Interrupted by War, a collection of his personal experiences while serving in Vietnam, Disability Compensation the Veterans Guide, a comprehensive guide to obtaining disability compensation from the VA and You Might Be an RVer If…, a comedic spin on Rving across the USA.

Thomas and his wife Judi have been married for 46 years and have three sons and three grandchildren. All reside in Minnesota.