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The Path of Our Destiny

by Calvin Louis Fudge

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ISBN 978-1-60452-003-3

Softback, 340 pp

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The Path of Our Destiny

Growing up is never easy, and Calvin Louis Fudge has written knowingly in The Path of Our Destiny of the pains of twelve-year-old Hunt Hews’ living with a mother dying of cancer and an alcoholic father.  Set in small town El Dorado, Arkansas beginning in the 1950s, Hunt tells his story of a difficult adolescence, made bearable only with the help of an understanding teacher, Mr. Ash and his wife.

Hunt meets temptations in junior high school as he deals with the problems of coming of age: first love, fitting in with his classmates, and losing his parents.  However, Mr. Ash and his wife are always there for him, eventually taking him into their own home as their son. 

During his school years in El Dorado, Hunt is encouraged in every way by the Ashes–especially Mr. Ash, after his wife dies.  Hunt meets the pretty Anne during these busy school years, but it is the quiet and stable Susan who really steals his heart, only to lose her as her parents move away to Los Angeles.  However, she is his first real love, and after losing contact with her, he never gives up hope of finding her again.

At the University of Mississippi, Hunt is seduced by the worldly Helen Davidson, Professor of Music, and as a result he is introduced to Jon Mann, the owner of a modeling agency in L.A.  Jon sees the potential in the handsome Hunt as a top model of clothing.  After Hunt finishes his education at Ole Miss, he takes a job with Jon and moves to L.A.  There he finds that his beloved Susan has married and has a child, only to escape her abusive father.  Since the love between Susan and Hunt is still strong after all the years of separation, he never gives up hope of having her as his own someday.

Through it all, there’s the love and respect that has developed and grown between Hunt and Mr. Ash – as father and son.  And there is Hunt’s mixed feelings for Jon Mann.  The years pass, but Hunt is always guided by his love and respect for Mr. Ash, who instilled in him honorable rules of life to follow.

Hunt’s modeling work takes him from L.A. to New York, Egypt, Madrid, and London.  And through all his troubles, business problems, and frustrations of love, Hunt never forgets his roots in his first real home in El Dorado.