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The Truth Lies in the Dark

by Kristin Callender

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ISBN 978-1-60452-014-9

Softback, 188 pp

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The Truth Lies in the Dark

What if you found out that everything you thought you knew was a lie? That the people you loved and trusted kept a life changing secret from you? These are a few of the questions Amanda Martineau must answer in The Truth Lies in the Dark.

As a child Amanda survived a plane crash that killed her parents and left her with no memory of her life before the accident. Raised by her grandparents, she only knows what they have told her about her past and her family. But her reoccurring nightmares tell her something different. They leave her feeling like a stranger in her own mind. Then an unfinished letter written by her grandfather thrusts her deeper into confusion.

A business trip with her husband Nick quickly turns into a personal journey to expose the secret of her past. As she searches for answers she only finds more questions. Who can she trust? Who is there to help her and who is there to make sure that the truth the dark?


Author’s Bio:

Kristin Callender lives in northern Connecticut with her husband and four children. In fact, the cover of this book was painted by her oldest child, Michael, when he was 17 years old. Kristin is currently working on a second book and hopes to incorporate more of her children's artistic talents into her future projects.