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Cyclotron Factor

by JW Kelley

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ISBN 978-1-60452-022-4

Softback, 228 pp

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Cyclotron Factor

Oops! Thirteen-year-old Buddy Alexander accidentally drops his pocket calculator into a particle accelerator.  As he retrieves it, he notices that it is vibrating and it feels warm when he puts it back into his pocket.  Later he discovers that the calculator has been transformed into a time travelling device! 

Join Buddy as he witnesses events in history such as the Kennedy assassination and the Murrah building bombing in Oklahoma City.  Was that a UFO that crashed into that field at Roswell NM in 1947?  What is it like to meet a caveman, an alien and a robot from the future all in one summer vacation?  And who is Will Power?

Buddy’s adventures will capture your imagination.  Where in time would you go if your pocket calculator was affected by the Cyclotron Factor?


Author’s Bio:

J.W. Kelley is a retired USAF Colonel, anesthetist and author.  He served in the Air Force for 35 years in Europe, Korea, Japan, Iraq and the USA.  Originally from Sheridan, WY, Colonel Kelley resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife, Beth, also a retired USAF Colonel.

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