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Don’t Admit You’re in Assisted Living

by Dorothy Seymour Mills

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The Kiss

The Wet Bathing Suit

The Phone Call

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Don’t Admit You’re in Assisted Living

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First Mystery: The Kiss

One of the elderly residents at an assisted living facility is kissed by a young server, setting off the investigation into an interesting mystery.

A group of residents of a Florida assisted living facility, Locksley Glen, are stunned to learn that a young server in the dining room has kissed one of the elderly male residents. That just isn’t done at Locksley Glen. The resident isn’t explaining. Nobody can figure out why, even after a Halloween Party offers more clues: a woman resident discovers that the fake knife that is part of her Halloween costume is stained with real blood. Finding out why means examining the lives of young immigrants and helping them become contributing Americans.

Second Mystery: The Wet Bathing Suit

Someone has lost their wet bathing suit at the Locksley Glen pool and now the question is - who is running around in their bathing suit?

Someone has left a soggy two-piece bathing suit at the pool, and the residents of Locksley Glen are beginning to suspect foul play. After all, would a woman leave the pool without her suit unless she was forced to do so? Research into everything they can think of brings them to no conclusion, until Alice One begins thinking about the possibilities offered by a symbol on a design found in San Francisco. When Alice One burns the toast she made in the middle of the night, she comes closer to the solution, which she and Starr finally pin down during the annual art show.

Third Mystery: The Phone Call

Thievery is something that anyone of any age detests. All of a sudden, the elderly residents of Lockley Glen end up as victims - but they are not going to allow it!

When things begin to disappear from apartments at Locksley Glen, residents cooperate to look for evidence of the person responsible, but for a long time they find nothing that points clearly to the one to blame. Finally, at a society wedding of a Locksley Glen resident’s daughter, a violent storm brings residents together as a unit to ferret out the perpetrator by using a language clue.

Dorothy Seymour Mills is a historian who lives in a Florida assisted living residence, The Carlisle Naples. Don’t Admit You’re in Assisted Living is her thirtieth book. Much of her published work is in the field of baseball history. She and her husband, Dr. Harold Seymour, wrote the first scholarly history of baseball, a three-volume series, for Oxford University Press. But she has also published children’s books, historical novels, and a vegetarian cookbook. Her frequent blogs are at her web site, Among her writing awards are her listings in three different Who’s Who volumes.