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Murder in Madison County

by T. H. Bear

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ISBN 978-1-60452-090-3

Softback, 336 pp

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Murder in Madison County

Wall Roberts is a simple man living a life he loved in Madison County, in the northern area of Florida. Working as a technician for the local power company, he found himself on a call that would change his life as he never thought possible. The call would eventually lead to the death of his best friend – with himself changed in the murder. Along the way, he falls in love with a very tall redhead who has a generous heart and enough money to take care of the needs of many, especially Wall.


One cold, but sunny day, I found myself in Madison County on the south bank of the Withlacoochee River. I was looking to the clouds, but I was thinking about the history of this beautiful North Florida country when a voice next to my good ear said, “Would you like to read the manuscript of my first murder mystery?”

“Yes,” I quickly responded. The author’s unique method of writing has always captured me as he skillfully intertwines the story around you, and before you see it coming, you are exactly where he wants you. He has you caught up to your ears with a book you can’t put down! Once more, as usual, T.H. Bear has you guessing right up to the last word. I have known the author for over five decades and am proud to call him my friend. Although fifty years ago, I never would have guessed he had such storytelling talents. ---Stanley G. Wallace


T.H. Bear, a retired law enforcement officer with 27 years under his belt, has created another fantastic story in his first modern-day novel. As with his previous tales, Murder in Madison County is very hard to lie down until it is finished.