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80 Great Things about Being 80

Pat Cook and Friends

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ISBN 978-1-60452-030-9

Softback, 81 pp

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80 Great Things about Being 80

When Pat Cook "hit" 80 - or (as she says) when 80 hit her - she thought it would be fun to compile a little book about some of the good things in life at that age. There might be some tarnishing in the "golden" years, but there are also many wonderful aspects that she and her friends thought should be counted.

So, friends and relatives (the latter always the former) sent in quotations about some of the great things in getting old(er), pictures were matched to the quotations, and 80 Great Things About Being 80 is the result. Not every contributor is 80, but the hope is that each will reach that marker along the way, and that readers will have as much fun as Pat and Friends did in putting the book together.


Author’s Bio:

Patricia Cook is professor emeritus of the University of Indianapolis, a Woman-of-the- Year for the Indianapolis Star, and a Distinguished Alumnus of Marian University in Indianapolis. With colleague Nancy O'Dell, she has another book in print, Stopping ADHD.

She lists as her greatest accomplishments her two sons, Kevin and Tom, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, who live in New York and New Hampshire, respectively. Her husband, Art, was a successful high school coach and teacher, and the whole family is made up of English majors. Pat and her family are Indianapolis Colts fans, and they have been Chicago Cubs fans all their lives. Pat plans to live to see the Cubs win another World Series before the publication of 100 Great Things About Being 100.