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Arnold Reiner wants to become an airline pilot. There's only one problem. It is expensive training and there is a war on. Combining these two facts lead him into the Marines where he becomes a 46 Driver. Read a sample!

46 Driver - Arnold Reiner


David Sanders is breaking away … from his family and his former life. His wife, Molly, died two years before, he has retired from his work, his children are grown, and David is restless. Read a sample!

65 and Going - By Ed Jackel


Are you thinking about how old you are? Are there benefits to being older? Pat Cook and her friends say, "YES!" Read a sample!

80 Great Things about Being 80 - By Pat Cook


. Great story set against World War II in China. Read a sample!

A Flying Tigers Story - By Donald R. Wadley


. Also set in World War II, this is the story of survival. Read a sample!

A Portrait of Grandma's Dog - By Janet Ward


. Lindsey's tale of intrigue and lost love. . . . . Read a sample!

A Rose by a Different Name - By Drea Jepsen


. This is the funniest cowboy story ever told! Read a sample!

Bad Times - By Denny Williams


.An Irish mystery wrapped around murder, interior design, and horseracing. Read a sample!

Blackrock Island - By J. Lee Burke


. A story of a young man and his 1947 Harley. Read a sample!

Chain Drive - By Axel Jerry Clickson


. Life in the South in the 1950s - playing baseball. Read a sample!

Chasing Teddy Ballgame - By Don Cooper


. This is a story of one man growing up and overcoming prejudice in California during the 1950s and 1960s. Read a sample!

Coco Colored Boy - By T.J. Gouin III


This is an exciting, fast-moving story of love, adventure, romance, and more. Lennie Martin crafted a wonderful story about two brothers and their work in Cuban history. Read a sample!

Cuban Connection: Two Faces of Love - By Lennie M. Martin


An adventure story of time travel and different possibilities, of exploring history as only a teen can. Read a sample!

Cyclotron Factor - By J W Kelley


This is a guide for veterans who are in the process of dealing with the VA regarding their service disabilities. Read a sample!

Disability Compensation the Veterans Guide Volume I - By Thomas van Hees


. Tales of the ERAU faculty early in their flying careers. Read a sample!

Eagles Tales - By Joe Clark


This is the story of a family on vacation from Michigan to theme parks and The Villages of Florida. Read a sample!

Family Vacation Malfunction - By Anita Passon


Alex Burton is a Canadian pilot and writer who has don a fantastic job with explaining the magic of flight. A reader for beginning pilots, experienced pilots and those who would be pilots.

Flight and Flying, Volume 1 - By Alex Burton


Retired Naval Aviator CDR Leo Murphy now teaches at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. As he wrapped up his Navy career, he pursued a doctorate during which he researched and wrote about the early aircraft flying at Pensacola.

Flying Machines Over Pensacola - By CDR Leo Murphy (USN ret.)


Forty Years and Forty Fathoms Cass Howell's debut novel weaves together elements of life in Hawaii, the drug trade and worse, and the story of a love affair between a Viet Nam vet helicopter pilot and the daughter of the newly elected Japanese-American governor of Hawaii. A fast-moving story that prevents the reader from putting the book down until it is finished. Read a sample!

Forty Years and Forty Fathoms - Cass Howell


In 1936 a wide-eyed boy by the name of LeRoy Brown clambered aboard a 1929 Waco 10 converted to crop dusting duty, sat down in the grimy hopper, and then launched into a clear-blue Florida sky on a wondrous flight that ignited a life-long passion with flying and airplanes.

From Cropduster to Airline Captain - By LeRoy H. Brown and Dr. Leo F. Murphy


The publisher finally gets around to producing one of his own books. After almost 45 years as an active pilot, Clark compiles blog entries into book form for those who prefer reading books over computers. Read a sample!

From Cubs to Jets - By Joe Clark


. Jennifer Shannon discovers hundreds of diamonds hidden inside an innocent garage sale purchase in McLean, VA. What follows is an engagement with terrorists furious with the loss of their diamonds. Read a sample!

Garage Sale Diamonds - By Suzi Weinert


. Jennifer Shannon lives a secure, affluent lifestyle and inadvertently stumbles into danger while weekend treasure hunting at local garage and estate sales. She is pulled into a twisted world of crimes, child abuse and murder. Read a sample!

Garage Sale Stalker - By Suzi Weinert


. Jennifer Shannon finds an old framed picture at an estate sale, with a mysterious map and riddle hidden inside. She quickly finds herself in the middle of another Garage Sale Mystery. Read a sample!

Garage Sale Stalker - By Suzi Weinert


. Caly has a great job in a wonderful place - Key West! There is only problem - her boss! Read a sample!

Get Slick - By Tracy McDonald


Max Rosen finds some old pictures of himself at The Laurels of Sackett Lake in the Catskills. The only problem is that the photos trigger some disturbing memories. Read a sample.

Ghosts of Sackett Lake - By Phil Sills


In the companion book to Gregory T. Edgar's Patriots, two young teens find themselves in the middle of a battle during the Revolutionary War. Read a sample.

Gone to Meet the British - By Gregory T. Edgar


Never call Rod Montgomery "Elrod." Rod finds himself thrust into the middle of a case he doesn't like, does not want to be involved in, and just happens to concern an old business partner who swindled him. Read a sample.

Hard Days in Paradise - By William Hallstead


. Roger Scott spins a cowboy tale worthy of any. When a cowboy comes across a grieving widow, what does he do? Read a sample!

Honeymoon Vengeance - By Roger Scott


The United States has invested heavily in the first light-speed vehicle, only to have it disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. Read a sample!

Hoodoo Sea - By Rolf Hitzer


Words connecting us with the Earth and ourselves. Poetry about the land and people. Read a sample!

In the Presence of Shadows - By Monterey Sirak


. This is a story about one man repaying his Karmic debt. Read a sample!

Karma - By Robert Zitella


Espionage, history, and a wonderful mystery. All found in this fictional account of intrigue in the White House. Read a sample!

Keeping House - By Denise Tucker


. In this book, Vandekar recounts the training behind each Recon Marine and the history and traditions behind the Recon Community. Read a sample!

Kicking Ace - Taking Names - By Jeremy Vandekar


. Pretty girl, dead, New York. Was it a murder? Read a sample!

Killing Maria - By Hal Taxel


. One man's journey from home to Berlin and back. Read a sample!

Lucky Infantryman - By Ed Jackel


. A hired sea captain boards his vessel, to find a young woman battered hiding below. Read a sample!

Morgan 41 - By M. Randolph Mason


Wall Roberts is a simple man living a life he loved in Madison County, in the northern area of Florida. Working as a technician for the local power company, he found himself on a call that would change his life as he never thought possible. Read a sample.

Murder in Madison County, by TH Bear.


Book One of TH Bear's The Owl Hoot Trail Trilogy, Gold in the Red Desert. This is an incredible story on par with Louis L'Amour's story-telling. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down until your finished with Book Three, The Turning of the Earth. Read a sample.

Gold in the Red Desert, by TH Bear.


Book Two of TH Bear's The Owl Hoot Trail Trilogy, The Withlacochee Renegades. Follow along as Reb Brown arrives home in Georgia to protect his family and the other home folk in the continuing saga of his travels along the Hoot Owl Trail. Read a sample.

The Withlacoochee Renegades, by TH Bear.


Book Three of TH Bear's The Owl Hoot Trail Trilogy, The Long Trail. Reb has seeming lost everything dear to him. Now the only thing he has left is his passion for retribution against the man who has taken so much from him. Read a sample.

The Long Trail, by TH Bear.


. Simply put - a great story. Papa Hemingway gets drunk and ends up in the house of a prostitute, who just happens to be murdered. Retired Scotland Yard detective Emmet MacWain is the only one who can help. Read a sample.

Papa's Problem, by Patrick Kendrick.


. This is a history wonderfully illustrated by photographs from different periods of America's most important airline.

Pan American Airways: Images of a Great Airline - James Baldwin


.The first Pan Am book contained a lot of images that were collected over the years by author Jamie Baldwin. In this book, Aviation History Through the Voices of Its People, Baldwin teams up with co-author Jeff Kriendler to present 71 personal stories from "Pan Amers" all around the globe.

Pan American Airways: Aviation History Through the Words of Its People - James Baldwin & Jeff Kriendler


Two American teenagers and one British; they meet at Bunker Hill and discover war is not what they thought it might be. Read a sample.

Patriots - By Gregory T. Edgar


A very fast-moving story that could be the headlines of tomorrow. Captain Steve Gammon, alreadys ready to sacrifice for the nation, sets about finding a nuclear weapon aimed for America and hidden in the Mexican desert. Read a sample.

Pursuit of the Weapon From Hell - by Bill Hallstead


This is Master Story Teller Karl Boyd's first foray into poetry. This is a wonderful Christmas poem for children and adults alike. Read a sample.

Ralph the Tallest Elf - by Karl Boyd


Set against the backdrop of World War I and the emerging new technology of the Zeppelin aircraft, William Hallstead spins a story of intrigue, love, war, and hope in his novel, Raging Skies. Read a sample.

Raging Skies - by William Hallstead

. Great recipes for a good cause.

Raisin' The Roof Church Cookbook - First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL Read a sample!


A tale of intrigue, discovery, and human relationships set on the Amazon’s Trombetas River. This is another great story by Bill Hallstead. Read a sample.

River of Madness - By Bill Hallstead


Lives, desires, and secrets. A romantic read for the summer or anytime. Read a sample!

Secrets of the Heart - By Lorraine Rocco


. This is an extraordinary aviation novel depicting the times in which we live. Harrison Jones did a fantastic job of weaving realistic characters and scenes into the tapestry of the aviation field. Read a sample!

Shadow Flight - Harrison Jones


. Sail with four shipmates through the Pacific during World War II. A wonderful story. Read a sample!

Shipmates Four - By Bert Falardeau


. Sail with four shipmates through the Pacific during World War II. A wonderful story. Read a sample!

Shipmates Four - By Bert Falardeau


This is a wonderfully written novel about baseball in Louisana in the 1950s. Read a sample!

Switch-Pitchers - By Norman German


. This is a great book of prayers for all occasions. Read a sample!

Sunday Morning Prayers, For Monday Morning People - By Herbert Meza


. This is the 2nd edition of Dr. Meza's prayers. Read a sample!

Sunday Morning Prayers, For Monday Morning People - By Herbert Meza


Master story teller Kark Boyd has written another fantastic story. From his fertile imagination comes a novel about terrorists who want to kill the President and tens of thousands of Americans. Read a sample!

Terroristic Signs - By Karl Boyd


The story of what happened to General George A. Custer on a day late in June in 1876. Read a sample!

The Last Sunrise - By Shane Barker


. The story of one young man growing up and finding his way through life. Read a sample!

The Path of Our Destiny - By Calvin Louis Fudge


Twin brothers find themselves on the adventure of their lives in South America. Read a sample!

The Lost Priest - By Karl Boyd


The novel of one woman's challenges she faces raising a child with challenges alone. Read a sample!

The Mother - By Jeanne Kenny-Freeman


In the twenty-first century of selling, salespeople need more than a litany of features and benefits along with a few closing techniques in attaining uncommon success. Read a sample.

The Secret Factor for Uncommon Sales Success - Joe Arrigo


. A story of mystery and intrigue.  Who is Amanda Martineau and how did she get to where she is now? Read a sample!

The Truth Lies in the Dark - Kristin Callender


This is a very well detailed account of the start of the medical transplant industry. A medical page-turner you won't put down until done! Read a sample!

The Transplant Web - S.R. Maxeiner, Jr.


. In a futuristic tale, truck drivers are driven from the road, replaced by giant tubes for transporting goods. Read a sample!

The Tube - By A. Jeff Tisdale


. S.V. (Steve) Dedmon wrote a guide for the layman Baptist believer. This was his first work and he is currently at work on a follow-on book, Questions Jesus Asked. Read a sample!

These Things We Believe - By Steve Dedmon


Howard Giordano's second thrilling novel - The Scond Target. Like Tracking Terror, there is no possibility of putting the book down until the last page is finished. Read a sample.

The Second Target - By Howard P. Giordano


This is a fast-paced thriller running through the horse racing communities of New York. Pete Fanning, an overworked NYPD narcotics detective, finds himself tracking an unlikely group of terrorists. Read a sample.

Tracking Terror - By Howard P. Giordano


. Pancho McMartin is back! Pancho gets an unexpected call and finds himself appointed to represent a young, homeless, black man, Jackson Steele, accused of murder. Read a sample!

Tropical Judgments - By David Myles Robinson


. With this fast-paced book, Author David Myles Robinson introduces Pancho McMartin, a defense lawyer working in Hawaii. When an innocent man is charged wit murder, Pancho is the only one who can see through the haze as to why he is innocent. Read a sample!

Tropical Lies - By David Myles Robinson


. This is a story of two young children, Jenny and her brother, growing up. Read a sample!

Through Jenny's Eyes - By Diane McCloskey


There are a lot of interesting stories about heroes never imagined from our history. Read a sample!

Unheralded Heroes - By Thomas van Hees


Eddie Bennett is about to turn pro on the golf circuit. Nothing seems to be in his way, until he and his best friend witness a murder. A fast-moving story from the first green to the last. Read a sample.

Unplayable Lie - By David Myles Robinson


Billy and his friends find themselves in a situation that only middle-school boys can create. Read a sample!

Cyclotron Factor - By J W Kelley


Wings Over America is a historical, factual, and illustrated overview of the airlines that serve our nation.

Wings Over America - Michael Coscia


. A wonderful parable on how to live life easier.

Yo, Boatman! - By Ardis Clark